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Video Game Reviews: Fable 2

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Video Game Reviews: Fable 2

Fable 2 Review

* Diablo is cool and Fable is better!

Let me start out by saying that I loved the original Fable 2 Fable. The creativity on this title was overlooked but it paid off. So many things in the world were made better and a few laughs were had. The biggest one for me was taking a character to the sky and seeing it streak across the Kingdoms of Sanctuary. The creativity with this franchise is still somewhat lacking in my opinion. Let’s start with Lionhead Studios, the developers. Diablo III seems to be more of a showcase Fable 2 for their skills than anything.

Now, the storyline:

The game takes place in the fictional town of Albion, which is a mixture of modern day and the Medieval types. There is a plot to save Avalon from the evil forces, which I haven’t followed very much because I’m a WoW addict. Basically, someone is searching for something or trying to find a way to defeat the evil invaders and save the town. There isn’t much focus on the story. I am sure that it is very interesting, and it is definitely engrossing, but Fable 2 doesn’t work well as a story.

What you actually get with this game is amazing visuals. The quality of the character models is very decent, and the vehicles all look great. Everything has a unique Fable 2 visual identity. All the clothing, houses, etc look unique and there are plenty of tiny details that really make this feel like a great game. The settings are also very impressive. Although it feels like it’s moving through a highly stylized version of medieval fantasy, the settings actually feel real, like they could be from our world.

Fable 2’s gameplay:

Fable 2 has always been known for its gameplay, and that remains true in Fable 2. You can be Nice or Smart. You can stealthily kill a bunch of enemies so they don’t get in your way, then you can be a Barbarian or a Barbarian-like character. You also get several magic spells to make things easier, like how you increase your health or increase the damage you do. The gameplay seems to follow a nice line. It’s monetary and you can upgrade your characters and their abilities. Each time you level up you get a greater ability or range of skills. Unfortunately, the skills don’t seem very diverse. You’ll get skills like ‘consume’ that involve killing an amount of enemies or enemies in a specific order, and other skills like ‘ estranged,’ that makes your character attack all the enemies in the immediate area. Then there are the skills that you get as you level up that do nothing but increase your health, so you can live longer and fight longer.

Fable 2

There are plenty of side quests and jobs to do, and you’ll be Fable 2 doing plenty of that as you progress through Fable 2. You’ll be able to unlock a ton of new skills and abilities to increase your combat effectiveness. There are some unique jobs like, ‘rant man,’ that makes your character attack the nearest thing to it, and other jobs like the ‘Walter Van endelooz,’ who is a bandit. These jobs make the game exciting and fun to play, and they’re all a great way to add a lot of playtime to this game.

The graphics:

Fable 2 is a HUGE game. It’s an Xbox 360 game that will absolutely blow you away. The graphics are amazing and every single character looks great. The environment looks so realistic and places are beautiful (barring perhaps the bank). When you first enter a scene, it looks fantastic. It’s a contained environment, yet a vast world.

The sound is great too. You’ll hear real voice acting here. You’ll hear people from real life giving the talking (or singing) character a voice. The soundtrack will either match what’s going on in Fable 2 the scene, or will add to the dramatic effect, depending on which character you’re controlling. The sound of fending off opponents or monsters is great. Epic sounds all around and great voice acting. If you want realism in your game, this is definitely the way to go. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

onomic combat:

You’ll have to switch between being a spell caster, a fighting style and a stealth mode. When you’re in Stealth mode, you won’t see enemies. You’ll see Stealth mode characters, who are invisible until you attack them. You can’t see your characters but they still feed you information. If you want to see enemies, you’ll have to activate Stealth mode and then you’ll be able to see enemies as they show up on your screen.