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Mass Effect 2 and Why It’s a Worthy Sequel

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Mass Effect 2 and Why It’s a Worthy Sequel

Here’s a somewhat short review on mass effect 2. If you played the first mass effect than you definitely know that one of the greatest things about the first one was how you were propelled to complete the storyline in its entirety to learn more about the conflicts between the races in what happens with the reapers. The sequel is more of the same, except that its focus is more on the relationships. This only adds to the already great game play as having to help save a planet with a race of beings you just don’t know to work with is old news. The new technology created even allows you to have conversations with your team mates, who import over the conversations your probes have picked up on throughout the campaign. The conversations feel sort of like a chatter in real life, which is a fantastic addition to the game play.

Where game one left off was in Geth space, where the reapers were being sold to the humans. The geth had a complete say in the matter, so the quarians didn’t feel much loyalty to the geth, where the quarians on the other hand still had hope for peace with the geth. This leads to the main conflict getting blurred in the middle. Even though the geth won’t attack the humans, they will attack you if you restaff the geth ship. In addition, the war with the quarians will take place in the future, where the quarians are trying to save themselves from the getting swarm of consumed geth units. Mass effect 2’s presentation is excellent and really pushes the boundaries of current nextgen console design.

Unique powers

New Lighting

Another element to Mass Effect 2 is the lighting effects. Each character has 3 unique investments for each power, which can make get different effects. delves into detail of each power, which each power brings to the game, but delving into detail leaves many questions unanswered. One mystery that I am eager to uncover is what power the gets heated up for, since each power has Effect a specific purpose.

The second mystery is, how does the geth mission system work? What is the relationship between the geth and the master minds that the geth serve? This is the mystery that I am dying to Effect uncover, and will probably whether my curiosity gets answered.


The Quarians

Delving into the Quarians brings us to the center of the conflict, as their conflict is the major focus of the game. The QuariansBalorne, the frigate commando, Reapers, the Mordesh, the cycles, and the most frightening Mordesh- Raak’en. I feel that the Effect Quarian’s are one of the most interesting races that have been included in the game, and they are worth Effect exploring. The Quarians are a race that is struggling with itself, and are depending on getting assistance from other races in repairing their race, as well as getting information for answers.

The Reapers

The Reapers are a race that has no mind of their own. They are simply following instructions. We have never seen a Reaper enter a building, it’s remains a mystery as to what the Reapers are executing via telepathy. The building threat is very real in the game, especially in the House of discipline. The Reaper Vanguard, as I have seen other names for them, are new unit types that can be deployed in space. The first unit types that are seen are the Batarians ( massive thankfully! ) and the Elites. Each new unit creates a new wave as soon as they are created. A simple way to look at creating a new unit type is to start with a basic squad size of two and add the special units based on your budget. Finally, you can create your own squad and customization how they look, which goes really deep. I loved the special units being the Hotsuit pilot, the Basically Man and the Captain. สล็อตเว็บตรง

The Mordesh

The Mordesh resemble an ancient relative of the Zerg race. They are about the size of a modern tank, so obviously map generation isn’t an issue here. Their strengths are the large Effect amounts of tanks they have access to, the ability to self heal, about 6 tanks and a mix of ground Effect and air units. The Mordesh also have a power source called the Rift, which vents out waste heat. Being able to repair your units, the ability to socialize, and the ability to eject units all to their units can make the Mordesh an interesting group race.

The Elites

I felt like the Elites were a bit like the Zerg race, they have a basic ground unit with armor and Effect shipments that you can insert into the armory. You purchase the Elite Commander & gives Effect additional battlefield command ability, as well Effect as an ability to call down a portable turrets and capsules that spawn fromhhacks.